Texans urged to prepare for hurricane season

hurricaneLivestock owners in Texas are being urged to prepare early for the threat of hurricanes, with the arrival of the storm season.

The Texas Animal Health Commission reminded Texans that the hurricane season officially began on June 1 and continued until November 30.

The commission said animals were particularly vulnerable to the severe weather associated with tropical storms and hurricanes.

Any tropical storm system could wreak havoc on the livelihood of farmers and ranchers, it said in a statement, saying that proper planning for disasters, evacuations, or emergency situations was imperative.

“Tropical storm systems present one of the most severe threats to animals and not just those along the coast,” the commission’s emergency management director, Jeff Turner, said.

“As these systems move inland, they bring high winds, torrential rains, and tornadoes.

“Planning for your animals is just as important as planning for your families and your businesses.”

Dr T.R. Lansford, the commission’s assistant executive director over emergency management, said: “Behind every animal disaster is a human disaster due to the special relationship people develop with their animals, whether they be livestock or pets.”

He said the commission’s staff continued to work with local animal issue committees to ensure they knew about the special issues animals abandoned or injured during such storms presented to livestock producers and animal owners, responders, and the local veterinary community.

More information on how to protect livestock when a disaster occurs can be found here.

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