Hearing over; Paget now awaits tribunal ruling

Jonathan Paget is heading to Australia for his birthday - and the Australian Three Day-Event.
Jonathan Paget. © Mike Bain

The FEI Tribunal hearing into doping allegations against eventers Jock Paget and Kevin McNab has concluded in London, with the panel reserving its decision.

The pair must now wait for the tribunal ruling in the case, which was not open to the public.

It was earlier revealed that Paget would be running a “no fault and no negligence” defence in the case, in which the long-acting sedative reserpine was found in his Burghley-winning mount, Clifton Promise.

It is known that he submitted a dossier of evidence in January said to be in support of that defence.

There would appear to be two key elements in running a defence of that nature. They must first prove how the drug got to be in the horses’ system, and then satisfy the tribunal it was not their fault.

Paget was earlier stripped of his Burghley title by the tribunal – a move encouraged by Paget to clear up any uncertainties in world eventing rankings ahead of the northern hemisphere season.

Burghley newcomer Kevin McNab (AUS), who was fifth with Clifton Pinot at Luhmühlen this year.
Kevin McNab and Clifton Pinot at Burghley. © Mike Bain
McNab’s mount, Clifton Pinot, also tested positive for reserpine following their Burghley campaign.

The London hearing lasted a total of 14 hours across two days.

The best the pair can hope for from the hearing is an end to their bans, allowing a return to competition. If their defence proves unsuccessful, they are likely to face a minimum ban of two years.

Paget told reporters following the hearing: “It is good to finally get to this day, I have been waiting a long time.”

The FEI Tribunal ruling in the case is likely to be more than a month away.

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