Football stadium transformed into WEG equine surface

The football pitch of the d’Ornano stadium is disappearing and in its place will be an open-air equestrian arena for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games later this year.

Viking hands over the key to Ornano stadium to Norman.
Viking hands over the key to Ornano stadium to Norman. @ Normandie 2014

Norman, the Games mascot, received the keys to the d’Ornano stadium from Viking, the mascot for the Malherbe Caen stadium, on Monday, and the transformation has begun.

Two protective surfaces have been placed on the field, with an initial layer of 20 to 30cm of grey sand from the Fresney-Le-Pucuex quarry on top. A top course of 15cm Toubin & Clément white sand from outside Paris will complete the surface.

It is expected to be completed by June 13, and the first preliminary WEG events take place from June 23 to 26.

It will also be used for the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

The first horses competing in the Games arrive on August 21, followed by the showjumpers on August 30.

There will be little rest after the games for the ground crew, as the dismantling of the main pitch starts on September 7. They will work 24-hour shifts for up to three days to have the grassed area ready in time for Caen league’s season.

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