Wellington, Florida, to push again for equestrian master plan

Wellington's city hall. Photo: Wellington Council
Wellington’s city hall. Photo: Wellington Council

Councillors in the village of Wellington, Florida, are wanting to create a master plan to cover the town’s equestrian development.

The Palm Beach County village is a major equestrian hub, which is a major economic driver for the community. However, some residents do not want the town to lose its village appeal and have been concerned about ongoing equestrian development.

Village officials hope that a master plan will lay out clearer rules for the development and operation of facilities within the equestrian preserve in the southern portion of the village.

Village Council members decided during a two-hour workshop on Tuesday to hold a joint workshop with Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Committee to begin formulating the master plan.

Land earmarked for equestrian pursuits covers 9200 acres, but the current designation is considered by many to be too broad, laying out only basic goals and objectives.

The land is considered to have substantial development potential, but that has always been tempered by the desire of a significant number of residents to maintain the rural feel and lifestyle of the area.

The local council has tried in the past to push ahead with a more detailed plan, but the last attempt came to grief about four years ago, with no agreement able to be reached on which consultants to use.

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