The Rise of the Centaurs, by Bjarke Rink

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rise-centaursImagine if you could step back in time and ride along with the very first horsemen over countryside that had never been ridden before.

Author Bjarke Rink has attempted to do just that, taking the reader along with him in the role of “war correspondent” in the world of those early equestrian explorers and adventurers, riding right alongside marauding horseman as they explore and conquer their way through civilization.

Rink argues that the history books only lightly skim over the contribution of the horse in molding the world as we know it today. He’s right, history is not about pottery and old coins getting dug up from time to time. Is it because there are few tangible remains of early horsemanship that its importance has been forgotten? 

The Rise of the Centaurs, by Bjarke Rink
The origin of horsemanship. The untold story.
paperback, 322pp
Published by AuthorHouse, October 2013
ISBN-10: 1491821205
ISBN-13: 978-1491821206
RRP $US14.95, Available from Amazon and for Kindle

In opening, Rink describes the “biological symbiosis” between horse and man – we call it horsemanship today – and the opening of the new era in history – the Equestrian Age.

“In the Equestrian Age human affairs traveled at the horse’s speed and this phenomenon was ultimately responsible for the technological gearshift that accelerated Eurasia’s cultural development beyond the peoples of the America, Australia, and sub-Saharan Africa – regions that had no horses.

“As horsemanship spread over the steppe, the new animal combination became the undisputed master of the land.”

Riding alongside the first equestrian peoples – and outrunning the chariots stuck in the mud –  this first book in the series is an entertaining ride through history (oh for some photographs of the action!). There is humour, too, and the brain-teasing equine travel Scrabble will test knowledge.

Rink says that it was his friend, Olympic dressage rider Jorge Ferreira da Rocha, who asked “What would the world look like today if there hadn’t been horses?”, leading the author on his quest for “equestrian truth”.


Bjarke Rink
Bjarke Rink

Bjarke Rink, a trainer and rider and a lifelong student of history and horsemanship, is the founder of the IHOCA (Instituto Homo-Caballus) in Cachoeiras de Macacu, Brazil.

The Rise of The Centaurs is the first in “The Equestrian Heritage Series”,  which help readers take a ride through the history of horsemanship. The series was conceived to offer the reader an in-depth view on the origin of horsemanship and the worldwide spread of equestrian power.

Bjarke Rink moved from Denmark to Brazil at the age of seven. After a successful career in marketing, he decided to work fulltime with his lifelong passion : horses.

Breeding, gentling and training horses, he gained many insights in the human-horse relationship. He worked with equine scientists to unravel how the human-horse nerve systems connect during horsemanship.

His first book, The Centaur Legacy, was published by the Long Rider`s Guild Press and translated into Portuguese. Traveling around the world and to study the foremost horse training centers, he discovered horseback archery in Hungary and introduced the discipline in Brazil. This led to an in-depth study of what made mounted archers so formidable in battle. And now, with the Equestrian Heritage Series, he re-examines historic turning points through the eyes of a horseman.


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