The remarkable transformation of Jojo and Jerry

Jerry on arrival into the care of HorseWorld. Photos: HorseWorld
Jerry on arrival into the care of HorseWorld. Photos: HorseWorldJerry is now in magnificent condition. Jerry is now in magnificent condition.

Jerry and Jojo, whose appalling hoof neglect shocked readers around the world when it was first revealed three years ago, have each moved on to new chapters in their lives.

The two horses have now finally found their destiny and the future is looking bright.

Jojo was rescued along with her companion, Jerry, in 2011 by HorseWorld, an animal rescue charity in Bristol, England.

Both had hooves so overgrown they turned up like Aladdin’s slippers. Both were grossly overweight, having been forced to live with cows and eat a rich cattle diet.

Jerry is now helping with HorseWorld’s Discovery courses, bringing horses together with young people to promote emotional growth and learning. Many of these youngsters can identify and empathise with a rescued horse.

Discovery has been a huge success with young people. Once the youngsters realise what they can achieve with horses, they experience an increase in self esteem, concentration, communication, and the ability to manage themselves and their behaviour, allowing them to use their newly acquired skills to help in everyday life.

Meanwhile, Jojo has been struggling to find a home, but has recently found a loving family of her own who understand her requirements and will be taking her home soon.

Jerry and Jojo became the subject of international concern when HorseWorld released shocking video footage of them filmed the day they were rescued from a Somerset farm.

Jojo in arrival at HorseWorld.
Jojo in arrival at HorseWorld.Jojo today. Jojo today.

HorseWorld released the “Aladdin’s slippers” film as a way of helping members of the public understand more about the rehabilitation work staff there undertake all year round and the pressing need for funding to continue its work.

The footage attracted international interest, with news and online articles about their sad case being featured by national television and news publications, as well as provoking news coverage in Europe and Australasia.

“The global interest has highlighted HorseWorld’s work, but Jerry and JoJo are the tip of an iceberg and there are many more animals relying on the work we carry out 365 days a year,” said HorseWorld’s husbandry manager, Joanne Vaughan.

Jerry and Jojo’s case contrasted starkly with other rescued animals who are often emaciated and close to death from starvation when HorseWorld rescue them.

All have very specific veterinary needs and an overweight horse can often take longer to rehabilitate than a thin one.


More information on HorseWorld and Discovery courses can be found here
Reporting: Amy Williams

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