Global fight against horse slaughter needed, summit hears

Keynote Speaker Jane Velez-Mitchell, with former PMU Mare Fiona at the American Equine Summit.
Keynote Speaker Jane Velez-Mitchell, with former PMU Mare Fiona at the American Equine Summit.

The need for a permanent ban on US horse slaughter and the shipping of horses to Mexico or Canada for that purpose was among hot topics at last month’s American Equine Summit in New York.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, veteran television news journalist and best-selling author, kicked off the summit at Equine Advocates Rescue andSanctuary in Chatham with a rousing Keynote Address about the need for a “global fight” against horse slaughter and the use of “double-speak” where the US government is concerned about wild horses and burros.

Victoria McCullough, international equestrian, philanthropist and owner of Chesapeake Petroleum, spoke about the legal and logical arguments to win the end of horse slaughter. McCullough has been instrumental in getting slaughterhouses defunded in the US and affirmed the current administration’s concern over food safety.  She pointed out a “global initiative for food safety” and how the US must focus on getting Canada and Europe on board with removing equines from the food chain.

John Holland, President of Equine Welfare Alliance, discussed what the true benefits of banning horse slaughter in the US will be; parallels were drawn between the use of drugs in thoroughbred racing and doping in cycling by owner/breeder George Strawbridge, Jr; Ginger Kathrens talked about her experience with brutal wild horse and burro round-ups from public lands by the US government; Debbie Coffey discussed the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) mismanagement of wild horses; and Dr Allen Rutberg, director of the Tufts Center for Animals & Public Policy, spoke about why the BLM will not embrace fertility control as a way to manage wild horses.

Some of the presentations are available to view here.

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One thought on “Global fight against horse slaughter needed, summit hears

  • May 13, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    THANK YOU so very much for defending our horses against the brutal act of slaughter. They have given us a quality of life with freedom in WWI as soldiers. They portray beauty everywhere they go. If you look in those beautiful, soulful, trusting eyes, and still kill them, you need to be slaughtered! I was raised to ALWAYS be kind to animals. My grandfather would be furious if he was alive! I thank Sen. Richard Durbin, from my state, Illinois, for sponsoring a horse Slaughter prevention bill.


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