Rio 2016’s equestrian center for upgrade this year

The National Equestrian Center in Deodora, venue for the horse sports of the Rio 2016 Olympics.
The National Equestrian Center in Deodora, venue for the horse sports of the Rio 2016 Olympics. © Ismar Ingber / CO Rio

Brazil’s National Equestrian Centre is among 2016 Olympic venues undergoing a tender process for renovation and construction.

The Rio de Janeiro city government has announced tenders for the renovation of nine venues at the Deodora cluster, which will host 11 Olympic and four Paralympic disciplines, including the equestrian events.

rio-2016The Deodora Olympic Park  is the second largest of the 2016 venues, and work is scheduled to start in the second half of this year. The Rio 2016 Games will take place in four venue zones: Barra, which will be home to the main Olympic Park, Deodoro, Copacabana and Maracanã.

As well as the National Equestrian Centre,  two other Deodora venues, the National Shooting Centre and the Modern Pentathlon Aquatic Centre, will be renovated. Four new venues will be created and two temporary structures are also to be added.

The Deodoro cluster is divided into a north and south region. $R647.1 million ($US291m) will be invested in the northern part, while the southern region works are budgeted at $R157.1 million ($70.7m), with the funding coming from the Ministry of Sport.

The Olympic BMX Centre and the Olympic Whitewater Stadium, both new permanent venues, will form the X-Park, along with the Olympic Mountain Bike Park, a temporary installation. The Olympic Hockey Centre and Deodoro Arena, which will host the fencing part of modern pentathlon, some basketball matches and wheelchair fencing, are the other two new venues, while the Rugby and Modern Pentathlon Arena, which will also host seven-a-side Paralympic football, is the other temporary venue.

Brazil's National Equestrian Center.
Brazil’s National Equestrian Center. © Alex Ferro / CO Rio

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