Severed horse’s head found on car hood in Australia

Location of Sydney in Australia.
Location of Sydney in Australia.

A severed horse’s head was found on the hood of a car in West Sydney, Australia, early today.

The vehicle had been badly vandalised during the incident, police said.

New South Wales police are investigating the incident, which had echoes of the infamous scene in the movie, The Godfather, in which a severed horse’s head was placed in a man’s bed on the orders of Mafia boss Don Corleone as an act of intimidation.

Police said the vehicle’s owner was asleep in his house in Naomi Street, Winston Hills, when he was awoken around 2.30am by banging noises outside.

He went to investigate and found a horse’s head on the bonnet of his vehicle, which had sustained a  large amount of damage.

Police searched the surrounding area and a trail of blood was found leading from the driveway.

The horse’s head was seized and disposed of by the local council. The vehicle will undergo a forensic examination.

Police suspect the horse’s head may have been obtained from an abattoir.

Investigations are continuing. Anyone with information was urged to contact the Parramatta Police.


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