Horses go high-tech with heart rate and speed tracking app

clockItEqA new app for the horse racing industry that tracks speed and heart rates could have uses in the wider equestrian world, particularly in the sport of endurance.

The ClockItEQ app is free and is available for both iPhone and Android, with the latter still in the testing stage. It will give access speed and sectional time data for a horse.  Extra data, including heart rate information, is available to subscribed users. Heart rate data is compiled with a Wahoo heart rate meter.

ClockItEQ records accurate heart rate, speed and GPS data for every training gallop performed by each horse, using a smartphone carried by the rider. If rider and trainer subscribe to the system, data is transmitted live to the trainer trackside, or at any location in the world, and is uploaded to a secure server for later analysis.

Trainers can create reports on individual horses and can share these with the horse’s connections.

Such new technology is likely to catch the eye of equestrian leaders, particularly in the eventing and endurance disciplines. Proposals for rule changes relating to technology in endurance, including electronic timing and heart rate monitoring, are among the topics under discussion at the Endurance Round Table  at the FEI Sports Forum in Switzerland early next week.



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