FEI cancels hosting deal for 2015 European Endurance Champs


MolsridtetThe FEI has cancelled its host agreement with the Danish organisation planning to host the FEI European Endurance Championship in 2015.

The Association Molsridtet expressed its regret over the FEI’s decision, appearing to suggest it felt the world governing body could have done more to find a workable solution over differences between them.

The association was formed in Denmark in 2009 to participate in the development of endurance riding and in 2012 it was awarded the hosting of the championship.

The organising committee said in a statement released today that it had prepared much of the event and made appointments regarding the venue, accommodation, and the renting of facilities. It said it had the full support of local government officials and both Danish and foreign companies.

It said it had provided the FEI with a revised budget because of a misunderstanding between the parties during the original bidding process, and it indicated a surplus.

It was, the association said, a budget it was willing to discuss “so all parties [could] reach a feasible standard for a ‘closed’ European regional championship”.

The committee said it told the FEI that if the parties could have managed to agree a finalised budget, especially over prize money and the hosting fee, it could have clinched arrangements regarding financing the event soon afterwards.

“Unfortunately, governmental institutions need a final budget before the can make final political decisions,” the committee said.

The FEI had unfortunately not provided it with a suggested size of the prize money and hosting fee, it said.

“Despite all attempts of the signatory parties of the host agreement in the last months, mainly by means of frequent phone calls and email exchanges, to find a feasible solution for the organizer to host a successful regional ‘closed/ordinary’ championship of international standard, the FEI is of the opinion that the championship cannot be organized in accordance with the provisions of the original host agreement.”

The committee said it felt it had been the only party willing to find what it called an acceptable solution.

“Various solutions have been suggested in combination with a closed regional championship. All solutions have been rejected by the FEI.”

It continued: “Unfortunately, the parties have not been able to reach a united agreement regarding a ‘closed’ European regional championship. The Association Molsridtet has cancelled all activities from today.”

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