Equine yoga, complete with the upward-facing horse

The Indian practice of Yoga is not just for humans, it would seem. A video has gone viral showing a horse indulging in the ancient art with his yoga master.

However, forget about the downward-facing dog – one of the beginner yoga poses. Think upward-facing horse.

This unique twist to yoga is said to help form a special bond between the horse and trainer.

Cristobal Scarpati at one with his horse. Photo:  Doma India/YouTube
Cristobal Scarpati at one with his horse. Photo: Doma India/YouTube

In the video, the horse’s trainer, Cristobal Scarpati, is seen to perform a headstand against the horse’s front legs as the animal lies on its back.

The horse yoga is the centrepiece at the long-established Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina.

The school, founded by Scarpati and his father, Oscar, say yoga forms a bond between trainer and horse and helps in taming and teaching the animal.

The school works especially with horses that are wild, traumatized, or chronically nervous.

Its philosophy is that respectful and non-violent horse-taming can establish a meaningful bond.

The school’s website reports: “The method is to tame the horse according to its nature, avoid causing fear and pain, and by earning their trust and loyalty.

“This method gives us clear ideas of how to treat the horse, and when and how to teach what we want to achieve. The horse learns by persuasion, and knowing its nature, behavior and psychology we can persuade and teach endless exercises that will make that horse a suitable animal to any discipline.”

The Scarpati family considers horses to be sacred.

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