Alleged horse-scam perpetrator on “Most Wanted” list

Jeffrey Bloor
Jeffrey Bloor

A Briton sought ¬†over a multimillion-pound horse-betting and bloodstock scam has been named on a “Most Wanted” list put out by the British charity, Crimestoppers.

Jeffrey Bloor is among 11 individuals named in Operation Zygos – a bid to capture 11 suspects thought to be evading British justice in Cyprus.

Brighton-born Bloor, in his 40s, is wanted under warrant by Sussex Police over allegations of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering.

Between March 2003 and February 2008 Bloor was allegedly involved in a conspiracy relating to the provision of horse racing tipping services, plus various types of advance fee fraud connected to racehorse breeding.

A betting brochure was produced by Bloor and his associates which advertised “campaigns”. It was distributed to known gamblers whose details had been obtained from mailing lists.

The brochure advertised campaigns guaranteeing large financial returns if participants paid a membership fee. There was also the offer of large returns for bloodstock which never existed.

Bloor allegedly operated the company bank account and received money from investors that was distributed to his co-conspirators. This amounted to millions of pounds.

He is described as a white male of heavy build, standing 167 centimetres tall. He has blue eyes, ginger hair, and a surgical scar on the left side of his abdomen.

It is the second Operation Zygos launched by the agencies. The list of 11 features six new appeals for fugitives, and the five remaining suspected criminals from the first campaign in September 2012.

It is the third fugitive campaign launched by both organisations, with similar successful campaigns launched in Spain and the Netherlands.

The offences alleged to have been committed among those on the list include sexual crimes, high-value drug offences and fraud.


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