Horse and donkey in Colorado mayoral contest

divide-mayoraltyHerbie the donkey and Gracie the horse are among 11 animals vying for the mayoralty of a Colorado town.

No humans are contesting the hard-fought race.

Instead, voters have gone to the polls in a fundraising campaign to help animals down on their luck in the community.

The town of Divide does not have a human equivalent of a mayor, leaving the animals free to duke it out for the honorary roll, which is held at present by a three-legged cat named Walter.

Walter is stepping down this year after bringing considerable dignity to the role, with the only feline hopeful in the current round of candidates being the affable Buster.

Challengers include Keyni the wolf, Pa Kettle the blood hound, Teddy the Mutt, and Blackberry the hedgehog.

Canines dominate the list of potential mayors, filling seven of the 11 spots.

Some of the animals are reported to be standing on strong family values; others are making promises to the community if elected.

Cash raised goes to the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter, which has a no-kill policy.

Each vote in the poll costs $US1, all of which goes to the shelter, and the election is proving a handy money spinner.

Last election raised $US8000, with the current poll, which opened on February 15, already generating $US9000.



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