Horse tests positive to EHV-1 in Larimer County, Colorado

The EHV-1 virus
The EHV-1 virus.

A horse in Larimer County, Colorado, has tested positive for Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1).

The State Veterinarian’s Office was notified by the Colorado State University Diagnostic Laboratory on March 26.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has placed the facility where the horse is stabled under quarantine.

It is being treated and is said to be recovering. Other horses that may have come into contact the infected animal are being monitored, but were not showing clinical signs as of Tuesday.

“The most common way for EHV-1 to spread is by direct horse-to-horse contact, but it can also spread through the air, contaminated equipment, clothing and hands,” state veterinarian Dr Keith Roehr said.

“This certainly highlights the importance of basic biosecurity practices.”

He said equine event organizers should continue to practice routine biosecurity practices that are effective in prevention of EHV and other horse diseases.

“There was very limited movement from the affected facility so the risk to other horse owners or event organizers is very low – essentially the same as before this index case.”

Symptoms include fever, decreased coordination, nasal discharge, urine dribbling, loss of tail tone, hind limb weakness, leaning against a wall or fence to maintain balance, lethargy, and the inability to rise.

While there is no cure, the symptoms of the disease may be treatable.


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