Six poorly horses in custody of Ohio SPCA

Humane Officer Betty Young leads one of the six horses rescued on March 19 in Ross County. Photos: Ohio SPCA/Facebook
Humane Officer Betty Young leads one of the six horses rescued on March 19 in Ross County. Photos: Ohio SPCA/Facebook

Six horses in poor condition are now in the care of the Ohio SPCA after being seized from a property in Ross County on Wednesday.

The Ohio SPCA said Ross County humane officer Betty Young had a warrant to remove the animals, but the owners were co-operative.

ohio-rescue-2The charity said the horses had been “living on the edge with barely enough food to keep them alive”.

It said they were now in warm stalls and had each undergone veterinary examinations and necessary medical treatment was under way.

Their road to recovery would be long, the charity said.

It said the county’s three humane officers, Young, Alice Ault, and Johnnie Johnson, had been hard at work since being sworn in on March 7.

“After five years without humane agents, the Ross County Humane Society now has a force for the animals,” it said.

All three officers are supported by the Ohio SPCA through the Ohio Humane Outreach Partnering Program.

Their uniforms, badges, equipment, and fuel are paid for by the Ohio SPCA. It is also providing for the transport, veterinary care, and placement for animals such as the six horses just rescued.

Eighteen horses have been rescued by the organisation in the last three months.

The Ohio SPCA is a no-kill volunteer-staffed charity and receives no government funding.

More information:
Donations can be made via Paypal at
Mail: Ohio SPCA P.O. Box 546 Grove City, Ohio 43123



2 thoughts on “Six poorly horses in custody of Ohio SPCA

  • March 24, 2014 at 11:04 am

    The condition these horses are in is inexcusable! If the owners couldn’t afford to feed them , they could have contacted the SPCA themselves, rather than starve them ! Congrats on the addition of the 3 Officers – I am sure they are badly needed , as these photos speak in testament to that! And way to go , on the NO KILL SHRLTER !!

  • March 24, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    The chestnut horse being unloaded from the trailer looks like a Saddlebred. If so, please let me know I belong to several Saddlebred Rescue groups. When ready for adoption we can help find a home. PLEASE do not send any of these horses after rehab to auction; they are prime for kill buyers!


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