Todd goes wild on HoY cross-country

Mark Todd has some fun with his Land-Rover at the water obstacle. jt-todd_0216jt-todd_0226jt-todd_0221jt-todd_0223

Mark Todd had a bit of fun at the water jump in his courtesy Land-Rover on the eve of the eventing competition at this year’s New Zealand Horse of the Year Show in Hastings.

Todd was being filmed for Kiwi sports show The Crowd Goes Wild on the eve of the event.

Course designer John Nicholson – brother of Todd’s arch rival Andrew – has built a new course which is truly a show-stopper: it will run through the main arenas right within the busy show. For that reason, Nicholson said, he has designed a course that not will ask too many questions.

The atmosphere in itself will be a challenge for the eventing horses. There will be 150 volunteers on hand to ensure that the course runs smoothly and the routes the horses will be taking are well fenced off with high visibility tape.

Highlights of the course will include a fabulous water complex and the horses will also jump two “fairly straightforward” fences in the main arena, after negotiating through the Land Rover Marquee.

Pictures © Jane Thompson


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