Zeke the “Equine Bigfoot” is home at last in Tennessee

Is that Bigfoot or Zeke?
Is that Bigfoot or Zeke?

For months he was the equine equivalent of Bigfoot, seen only fleetingly as he moved through the southeastern Tennessee countryside.

But now, Zeke, the two-year-old zebra who escaped from his home five months ago, is back with his owner.

Late last year, Zeke escaped his enclosure by jumping a fence while work was going on at the property of his owner, Ronald Price.

Zeke took a liking to his new-found freedom, enjoying the country feel that Bradley County had to offer.

Dozens of sightings came in, but Price was unable to recapture Zeke, despite his best efforts.

“We know where he’s at, we just can’t catch him,” he told local media early on during the search.

As the months rolled on, Zeke was seemingly content to hang out in wooded areas of the county.

Price remained upbeat, saying Zeke was out enjoying life.

He told the Times Free Press: ”He’s kind of like Bigfoot. People will sight him here and there, and then he’s gone.”

Now, WRCB-TV  reports that a couple of his neighbors were finally able to corral Zeke and put him in a pen before returning him home.

Price’s menagerie includes a camel, llamas, reindeer, horses, cattle, mules, donkeys, and sheep, all of whom get on fine.

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