Study explores relationships in horse sport, including bullying

endurance-stockAn Australian study is probing  human relationships in horse sports, including whether bullying occurs.

The principal researcher is Professor Suzanne McLaren, of the School of Health Sciences at Federation University, is seeking participants from around the world to complete a two-part online survey.

Those interested in taking part must be over 18 years old and will remain anonymous, according to McLaren and her fellow researcher, Dr Jodi DeAraugo.

The first part of the study, entitled “The relationship between people in horse sports”, is investigating the attitudes and emotions of people in horse sports.

“In the second part of the study, we are interested to see if horse riders have been exposed to bullying in horse sports,” McLaren says.

“The information being collected will be of value to help us understand the broad range of emotions and attitudes people have in horse sports and whether people are exposed to bullying in horse sports and, if so, how they react.”

McLaren says participants will be asked about their background, their experiences with horses and attitudes and feelings towards horse sports.

“It also asks questions about whether you have been bullied, how you were bullied, and what you did to manage the bullying.”

The questionnaire will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

McLaren says those taking part will not be able to save the survey partway through and resume it later, as it does not collect any identifiable information. “It it has no way of knowing who you are when you return.”

“When your questionnaire is returned, your answers will form a larger database from which only group data will be reported.

“None of the information that you supply will be able to be linked back to you in any way and the data will be anonymous. Data will be kept at the School of Health Sciences for a period of five years after any publications that arise from this study.”

The survey can be found here.

One thought on “Study explores relationships in horse sport, including bullying

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