Monaco to host world forum for sport injury prevention

olympic-ringsMedical and sports experts from around the globe will converge in Monte Carlo next month for the World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport organised by the International Olympic Committee.

The three-day conference, from April 10 to 12 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, features more than 120 experts as speakers, and will explore risk factors, mechanisms and effective prevention strategies to ensure that athletes remain fit and healthy in and out of competition.

Features include five keynote lectures, including a debate on whether sport injury and illness research has delivered concrete results, the role of evidence-based concussion prevention, and the evolution of footwear and sports equipment in improving performance and reducing injuries.

There will also be 86 workshops and 24 symposia addressing a range of topics from prevention of heart-related problems in athletes to the exploration of innovative field-based injury screening.

The objective of the Conference is to transfer academic knowledge on injury – and illness – prevention strategies to the field of play in order to minimise the risk factors in sports participation and maximise safety for high-level and recreational athletes alike.

One of many highlights promises to be the opening lecture by the dynamic pairing of Prof. Dohmnall Macauley and Prof. Karim Khan, editors of the British Medical Journal and British Journal of Sports Medicine. Other keynote speakers include Paul McCrory (on concussions), Benno Nigg (on running injuries), Evert Verhagen (on how digital and mobile platforms will influence athlete care), Andrew McIntosh (on technology and equipment in sport), Juan Manuel Alonso (on hamstring injury prevention) and Caroline Finch (on injury surveillance and rule changes).


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