Horse nebuliser hits the market


horse-nebuliserAn Australian firm has announced the release of a specialist nebuliser for horses.

The equine nebuliser was develped by Medical Australia Ltd, which described it as the world’s first complete medical delivery and training mask for horses,

The technology used in its Multi-Purpose Training System (MPTS360) was developed collaboratively with MediVet. Its patented technology is set to be officially launched in Australia this month.

The device has dual-nebulisation options – jet nebulisers powered by oxygen or the latest vibrating mesh ultrasonic nebuliser.

The MPTS360 has been designed using one-way inlet and outlet valves and a tight seal on the horse, ensuring no exhaled air is re-breathed and no medication is being wasted.

The state-of-the-art training mask also possesses hyperoxic training (oxygen therapy) and hypoxic training (high-altitude simulation) capabilities.

MediVet said it was developing a series of new animal healthcare products to be delivered through the nebulisers. These products include regenerative compounds, gastro products and products targeted towards regeneration of the respiratory system and the management of exercise induced injuries.

MediVet said it was looking for distributors and agents in Australia and overseas for the nebuliser.

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