Fight over future of New York carriage trade heats up

Debate over the future of New York's carriage horse trade is intensifying. Photo: Ingfbruno/Wikipedia
Debate over the future of New York’s carriage horse trade is intensifying. Photo: Ingfbruno/Wikipedia

The battle lines have been drawn over New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans to end the city’s iconic horse-drawn carriage industry.

The carriage trade has garnered the support of Irish actor Liam Neeson and a major union body, but de Blasio appears determined to fulfil an election promise undertaking to end the business.

Neeson visited stables on Sunday where the horses are kept and has appeared on several celebrity talk shows to voice his support for the carriage industry and its drivers.

During his walkabout at the stables, he declared the horses “well cared for”.

During his tour, about 12 councillors and 100 carriage drivers attended. Neeson criticised de Blasio for not attending, saying “he should have manned up and come”.

“I’m disappointed he’s not here,” he added.

He did not believes plans to replace them with antique replica horseless carriages would work.

But the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages says Neeson does not know what he is talking about when it comes to the carriage trade.

President Elizabeth Forel said: “De Blasio has unequivocally said he will ban the horse-drawn carriage trade and Neeson is trying to bully him into changing his mind.

“The carriage drivers have tried for years to make the campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City into an anti-Irish issue. But these ‘poor Irish lads’ are hardly that.”

It was, she said, absurd to suggest opponents of the trade were opposed to any ethnic group, least of all the Irish.

Liam Neeson. Photo: Karen Seto/Wikipedia
Liam Neeson. Photo: Karen Seto/Wikipedia

“There are many good people living in Ireland and the US of Irish extraction, who support and work with us on this ban. If my late [Irish] mother could see how the drivers treat their horses and how they force them to live and work, she would be ashamed and heartbroken.

“She knew horses well and cared about the welfare of all animals.”

John Carmody, who heads the Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) in Ireland said: “Neeson may be able to act and string lines together, but when it comes to understanding the suffering horses endure in all weather extremes often in suffocating traffic fumes in the carriage trade, sadly Mr Neeson has been a flop.

“The Irish public is commending Mayor de Blasio in his progressive efforts to retire this outdated industry in favor of a New York City that can hold its head up high with streets that do not harbor horse abuse.”

Kim Flaherty, of Irish descent, leads the group in Sacramento looking to ban the trade there. He said he found Neeson’s defense of the New York trade misguided and disappointing.

“This isn’t an Irish issue, it’s an animal welfare issue, and as an American of Irish descent who cares about the humane treatment of animals, I strongly support a ban on horse-drawn carriages in New York City.”

Kathy Burke, another person of Irish descent, heads the anti horse-carriage movement in Atlanta.

Allie Feldman, the executive director of NYCLASS, another group dedicated to ending the New York trade, said: “The issue is about the inhumanity of horses working in dangerous midtown traffic.

“Why continue to subject horses to a risky nose-to-tailpipe existence when there’s a gorgeous, cruelty-free alternative – the electric antique replica horseless carriage?

“We are exploring options to determine the smoothest, most fair and equitable way to transition out the use of inhumane horse carriages, and transition in the job-saving electric antique replica cars for current carriage drivers.

“The commitment of Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark Viverito is unwavering, and we look forward to working closely with them and other officials to get the horses off the streets in a way that is humane for all.”

Meanwhile, the New York City Central Labor Council, an umbrella group for more than 1.3 million union workers, has written to de Blasio and council members asking that the trade be retained.

President Vincent Alvarez and other senior members of the council said the 300 carriage drivers stood to lose their livelihoods.

“The horse carriage industry has been a part of New York City’s cultural identify for decades.

“As one of the New York City’s top three tourist attractions, the industry provides millions of dollars in revenue as well as hundreds of reliable, well-paying middle class jobs.”

The letter continued: “We firmly believe that banning the horse carriage industry would be detrimental to New York City on a number of levels. Hundreds of families would suddenly find themselves without income, a precarious situation for anyone in today’s economy.

“New York City stands to lose out on revenue generated by tourists, which helps to defray the cost of supporting city services.

“We acknowledge that opponents of these workers include powerful, well-funded voices. We ask you to weigh the merits of this issue by examining for yourself the facts of this industry, and to keep in mind that your decision will impact the lives of many New York families.”

However, the New York Daily News reported that de Blasio was unswayed by the letter.

“They’re friends, they’re people I respect, but they know where I stand,” de Blasio was reported as saying.

It also reported that the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce found overwhelming support for the industry in a poll of members.

Seventy-six percent of its members, comprising Manhattan business owners and executives, said the industry should be allowed to stay.

Many of the 24 percent who backed a ban cited animal welfare concerns.

3 thoughts on “Fight over future of New York carriage trade heats up

  • March 14, 2014 at 1:13 am

    This is all a smokescreen for deBlasio’s wealthy developer friends who covet the valuable real estate where the stables are located. NYC carriages horses are very well regulated but more than that they are loved and cared for by their owners. More than THAT they are privately owned and should not be subject to seizure by the state or by overzealous Radical Animal Rights activists like Elizabeth Forel O’Shaughnessey, who actually has to resort to invoking her dad ma’s memory! They do not, as they claim, have homes lined up for these horses and would rather see them dead and on a plate than in a happy healthy working partnership with their humans, who while not likely to end up on a plate, will be without the work and the trade they have plied for years. So not just the horses, but the hundreds of people who work with them will also be out of luck, just hopefully not fatally so.

  • March 14, 2014 at 2:57 am

    Sick and tired of Elizabeth O’Forel and Allie O’Feldman and their hypocrisy. They keep talking about how cruel traffic is to carriage horses, but keep mum about Mounted Patrol who walk the same streets. O’Feldman even had the gall to claim for the first time, since they never address the Mounted Patrol questions, that the police horses just stand and don’t really move in traffic. Next she’ll be saying they fly over traffic like Irish fairies.

  • March 14, 2014 at 6:54 am

    Keep NYC Carriage Horses in NYC. Kick out all those who oppose the horses, starting with the new mayor of NYC, slimy real estate dude O’nisTick, O’feldman, MacForel, members of NY(NO)Class, and every nutty animal rights activist/terrorist.

    1. NYC Carriage Horses are far better looking than slimy real estate dude O’nisTick, the mayor, O’feldman, MacForel, members of NY(NO)Class, and every nutty animal rights activist/terrorist on the planet.

    2. NYC Carriage Horses are more intelligent than slimy real estate dude O’nisTick, the mayor, O’feldman, MacForel, members of NY(NO)Class, and every nutty animal rights activist/terrorist on the planet.

    3. NYC Carriage Horses have much better personalities, have a great sense of humor, love people and fuller lives than slimy real estate dude O’nisTick, the mayor, O’feldman, MacForel, members of NY(NO)Class, and every nutty animal rights activist/terrorist on the planet.


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