The Humble Horseman – take five simple insights


Humble-HorsemanConfused about all the horsemanship techniques out there? Unsure about which guru to follow? Worried that you’re not being consistent enough in your training?

Adele Jean’s latest equine ‘self-help’ book, The Humble Horseman, to the rescue!

In this short book – readable in one go and suitable to be re-read over and over – the author outlines five basic steps or concepts to help the reader (rider) to get the most out of their relationship with their horse.

The Humble Horseman: take five simple insights
by Adele J jean
Impulsion Publishing; 251 KB / 27pp
Available on Amazon Kindle for $US3.57.

Of course these concepts are not new. They have been gleaned from the teachings of the likes of Hunt, Dorrance, Brannaman, and Anderson, and and distilled into easy-to-digest sections.

As the author points out, “there are many paths on the journey to the holy grail of truly great horsemanship”.

These are simple insights but critical for the development of understanding and partnership between horse and rider.

Save your bucks and get the basics right first.


adele-jeanAdele J Jean has spent a lifetime riding and training horses in many countries around the world. She is currently living and working in New Zealand.

She writes action packed horse-oriented adventure stories for young adults and the young at heart. Her easy to read, often humorous, contemporary writing style is underpinned by a deep love of all things horses.

When not being involved with horses she keeps on top of a busy work schedule and mastering the training of her partner, two human children and one in-human dog!


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