Irish thoroughbred groups raise concerns over wind turbines

A wind turbine in Germany. Photo: Andol/Wikipedia
A wind turbine in Germany. Photo: Andol/Wikipedia

Thoroughbred interests in Ireland are warning that the encroachment of power-generating wind turbines could threaten international investment in an industry worth €1 billion a year to the country’s economy.

The warning was contained in a submission by the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, the Irish Jockeys’ Association, the Irish Racehorse Trainers’ Association, and the Association of Irish Racehorse Owners to the Environment Department.

Turbines needed to be placed at a suitable and appropriate distance from horse facilities, they said.

They said turbine developments proposed on land traditionally occupied by studs could deter future funding and investment in the industry from overseas.

The groups stressed the importance of the thoroughbred industry in the rural economy.

“Bearing in mind thoroughbred horses’ highly evolved flight response and their particular sensitivity to perceived visual or auditory threats, the organisations’ main concerns are for the safety of thoroughbred horses and personnel due to the very real risk of thoroughbreds being adversely affected as a result of a turbines being located directly within their range of vision or audibility,” the groups said.

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