Bomb suit maker develops riding helmet sensor

Video: Shockbox captures head impacts in high school football game (listen for the phone “ping” when the player gets up) as the helmet sensor sends an alert.

A new high-tech tool to assess impacts to the head and concussion risk in now available for horse riders.

A Shockbox in action during the Spruce Meadows Summer Series 2013.
A Shockbox in action during the Spruce Meadows Summer Series 2013.

Impakt Protective’s Shockbox sensor attaches to a rider’s helmet and will send immediate alerts to a smartphone following an impact within a certain range of peak G linear acceleration, which is one of the most reliable and standard methods of head impact.

The immediate data allows the person with the phone to take the appropriate action regarding concussion assessment.

The product is being already being used in other high-risk sports including hockey and football.

The alert provides the user with a quantifiable measure of the head impact in order to start concussion protocols. The Shockbox software features a user history of all hits and can link to a sideline SCAT2 diagnostic program, as well as send impact data to a team physician or coach.

The developers say that in-house tests confirm that helmets fitted with the Shockbox meet ASTM/SEI safety standards.

The sensor is designed to be attached to the top of the riding helmet since the point of impact when falling off a horse can vary greatly. It provides an immediate wireless transmission to a smartphone that the rider has experienced a head impact that could result in a concussion.

“So often, equestrians are expected to ‘get back on the horse’, but this takes the guess work away and alerts you to stop riding and seek medical advice,” developers say.

shockbox-ImpactShockbox fits virtually all sizes and styles of riding helmets and comes in five colours (black, white, red, blue and navy. It sells online for $US149.99.

For riders concerned about aesthetics, the Shockbox can be attached with a black velcro strip which blends nicely into most helmet designs. The Shockbox itself is less noticeable on certain helmet brands, especially GPA.

Impakt Protective  is a privately owned high-tech sensor company based in Ottawa, Canada and the creation of Danny Crossman and Scott Clark. Crossman, a former Army bomb disposal officer and Business Development executive, led the development of numerous lifesaving technologies such as the bomb suit featured in the movie The Hurt Locker; Advanced Combat Helmet impact pads; roadside bomb jammers used by the USMC and recently the Helmet Impact Sensors used by US Army and USMC to monitor mTBI in deployed soldiers and Marines.

Scott Clark is an active hockey player, coach as well as hockey Dad, and a former software high tech executive with experience in eCommerce and Quality Assurance.

Impakt Protective’s Director of Equestrian Sports Kelsey Perry-Carlsen is a life-long equestrian, and a nationally ranked show jumping competitor. Two concussions falling off horses brought her to Impakt Protective. She saw a need within the equestrian community to educate riders on the seriousness of head injuries and the long term consequences concussions can carry. She is also involved in managing the breeding program of her family’s operation, Valhalla Equestrian.

Order online by emailing or from with the coupon code KPC2014. You can also like Shockbox EQ on Facebook to order.





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