Endurance breeder honored with Award of Excellence

Carl Fudge and Terre O'Brennan, current Chair Endurance Canada.
Carl Fudge and Terre O’Brennan, current Chair Endurance Canada. © Shereen Jerrett

Arabian horse breeder Carl Fudge has been presented with the Award of Excellence for his outstanding achievements in the sport of Endurance in Canada.

Fudge, who is Managing Partner of Sturgeon Creek Arabians, was presented with the award at the Equine Canada Annual Awards Gala recently in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by current Chair for Endurance Canada, Terre O’Brennan.

As of last month, Sturgeon Creek Arabians (SCA) has completed over 25,000 miles in Endurance competitions. This has involved nearly 600 Endurance races, with an 87 per cent completion rate, 35 per cent top tens including nearly 100 first and second place finishes, and 30 “Best Condition” Awards.


Fudge is the force behind the SCA breeding program. As a young boy, he frequented the local track in Manitoba and loved to watch the horses gallop. A friend suggested he buy a share in a young stallion called Pyatigorsk who carried exceptional racing bloodlines – and Fudge’s journey began.

Together with Marilyn and Helio Hernandez, they purchased a filly to breed to the stallion and in 1984 Sturgeon creek Arabians was formed. The first of their 111 foals was born in 1988.

Based on years of research, Fudge’s breeding philosophy places large emphasis on specific dam lines. SCA produce has been consistent – all good, structurally sound, well-built horses with great mind and attitudes. Fudge believes that Sturgeon Creek Arabian’s success is entirely due to the stallion that started it all – the Polish Arabian Pyatigorsk.

Fudge currently serves as Endurance Canada’s Chair of their Breeds and Industry Committee.


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