The Humble Cavaletti – The Best Kept Secret in Riding

The-Humble-CavalettiOnce upon a time the use of cavaletti in schooling was commonplace. Thanks to the teachings of the Pony Club around the world, this valuable and versatile tool helped many a horse and rider get into their stride as jumpers.

Invented by Italian Frederico Caprill, who introduced the forward seat for jumping in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the word cavalletti in Italian means ‘little horse’.

In this book from author Adele Jean’s Rider’s Bootstrap Series, the humble cavaletti is once again promoted as a tool to help improve the rhythm and balance of both horse and rider.

The Humble Cavaletti – The Best Kept Secret in Riding
by Adele J Jean
43pp ASIN B009A0AFD8
Available from Amazon for $1.82

It is not just for jumping, writes Jean: “Regardless of discipline it increases strength, suppleness, consistency and concentration which can be applied to all your endeavours.”

The author takes the reader through setting up and spacing, what to look for when using the cavaletti, and she also warns not to overdo it.

There’s advice on using the cavaletti in circle work and on the lunge, grid work, and using cavaletti work to create gymnastic exercises.

Several exercises are outlined, with illustrations showing the layout and distances advised.

There’s also advice on dealing with issues that some horses may have, for example, refusing, running out, rushing, and more.

As the author says, use cavaletti to: “Increase your awareness of how your horse moves and how you can help him or her to do their very best at whatever you aspire to.”


adele-jeanAdele J Jean has spent a lifetime riding and training horses in many countries around the world. She is currently living and working in New Zealand.

She writes action packed horse-oriented adventure stories for young adults and the young at heart. Her easy to read, often humorous, contemporary writing style is underpinned by a deep love of all things horses.

When not being involved with horses she keeps on top of a busy work schedule and mastering the training of her partner, two human children and one in-human dog!


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