Flying Horse Discovery, by Adele J Jean

Flying-Horse-DiscoveryEquestrian author Adele Jean has all the elements to make a fantastic, page-turning read for the young horse nut. And for those not so young, Flying Horse Discovery will take the reader back to the days of devouring any piece of fiction with horses at the center.

The action centers on Comet, a gorgeous black horse who sadly has to be sold and finds his way to the circus. But he doesn’t get along with the head horse trainer, who abuses Comet and the other horses in his care.

Flying Horse Discovery
by Adele J Jean
Available from Amazon for 99c

The evil circus trainer has as his assistant the talented Buck, who has a way with horses and to whom they respond – which makes the trainer even madder.

Meanwhile, a horse-mad kid gal called Kasey talks her way into helping at a nearby horse farm, where she gets to learn a lot about horses.

The biggest thing to happen in Kasey’s life is the circus coming to town. She drags her best friend and her family along to watch the show – where all hell breaks loose when Comet and the evil trainer clash.

The teens take it upon themselves to try to make things right – with surprising results.

To say any more would be too much of a spoiler – needless to say, the young readers will love it.



adele-jeanAdele J Jean has spent a lifetime riding and training horses in many countries around the world. She is currently living and working in New Zealand.

She writes action packed horse-oriented adventure stories for young adults and the young at heart. Her easy to read, often humorous, contemporary writing style is underpinned by a deep love of all things horses.

When not being involved with horses she keeps on top of a busy work schedule and mastering the training of her partner, two human children and one in-human dog!


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