Blaze of glory: Busy night for Aussie police horse

PoliceA West Australian police horse was first assaulted and later helped chase down a troublemaker in a car during a busy night in Perth.

Blaze was at the forefront of policing on a busy Saturday night.

The first incident occurred about 10.35pm when mounted officers, one of whom was riding Blaze, issued move-on instructions to someone near the corner of James St and William St.

Another person approached and started patting Blaze’s nose. The man, 28, was asked to move away, at which point it was alleged be punched Blaze on the shoulder.

He was arrested, charged with disorderly behaviour, and bailed to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on February 21.

Police are reportedly considering an animal cruelty charge.

The second incident unfolded around 1.10am when Blaze and fellow police horse Winnie were moving down Beaufort St with their mounted officers.

The driver of a Nissan Skyline car allegedly performed a burnout in front of them.

The horses and officers gave chase, with a police vehicle alerted by radio.

The Nissan was stopped by the police-car occupants in Money St, with Blaze and Winnie reaching the scene soon after.

The vehicle was impounded for 28 days, with traffic charges pending.

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