Slaughter proponent Sue Wallis dies, aged 56

Sue Wallis
Sue Wallis

Wyoming lawmaker Sue Wallis, an outspoken advocate of horse slaugher, has died, aged 56.

Representative Wallis died on Tuesday at a hotel in Gillette, where it is understood she had stayed the night pending engagements that day.

Wallis, a fiscal conservative, was a staunch supporter of controversial plans to reintroduce the horse slaughter trade on US soil, and was branded “Slaughter Sue” by opponents. She sponsored pro-slaughter legislation and her views on the hotly debated issues made national headlines in the US.

Wallis, a rancher and daughter of former lawmaker Dick Wallis, joined Wyoming’s legislature in 2007.

State Governor Matt Mead said: “Wyoming lost a great voice. Representative Wallis was a poet, and her eloquence was on display whether she was writing or debating on the floor of the House or in my office.

“The strength of her convictions was clear as was her commitment to the West and our way of life. I will miss her.”

House Speaker Tom Lubnau said Wallis was not afraid to stand up for her principles and speak her mind.

He said they may have had policy differences, but he respected her and her dedication to doing what she believed was right for her state.

Wallis, who was a Republican, lived on her family ranch in Recluse, Campbell County.

Her husband, Rod McQueary, died in late 2012.

The process to appoint a new representative for House District 52 is expected to start soon.

The state legislative sessions starts on February 10.

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