Strict new rules for eventing helmet cameras

helmet-camStrict new rules regarding the use of helmet-mounted cameras and recorded footage have been introduced for British Eventing competitions this year.

Permission from British Eventing’s Chief Executive is required for the use of a head or bridle camera in the cross-country phase.

In the new agreement, riders assign all rights to footage recorded to BE, which becomes the sole owner and controller of such rights. A copy of all recorded footage must be provided on request.

Competitors can use their footage for personal use but can’t sell or licence it to any third party or grant permission to use the footage. Personal use includes uploading onto social media sites and a website controlled by the competitor.

Footage uploaded must be accompanied by the statement, “All rights reserved by British Eventing”.

BE has the right to require the competitor to remove any footage from use in any media for reasons including the inclusion of illegal, offensive, or defamatory content, or if it is considered detrimental to the image of the sport of eventing in general.

Riders must also ensure that the headcam and any associated equipment is securely attached, and that the use of such items does not compromise other safety equipment.

BE Headcam Agreement


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