Rumors of mysterious Kentucky horse disease false – official


eye-stockRumors of a mysterious disease circulating in and around central Kentucky are false, a state official says.

Word of the so-called mysterious disease has gone viral on the internet, so much so that Rusty Ford, equine programs manager in the office of the Kentucky State Veterinarian, was moved to issue a statement trying to put the falsehood to rest.

In a notice issued on Wednesday, Ford said there was no truth to the rumor.

He said the state veterinarian’s office had received calls about the internet postings, primarily on social media sites, as well as multiple mass emailings falsely reporting a mysterious disease affecting horses in and around Central Kentucky.

“The Kentucky State Veterinarians Office, working cooperatively with our diagnostic laboratories, veterinary practitioners, tracks, farms, and other industry individuals have reliable disease surveillance protocols in place to detect early any threatening condition,” he said.

“Please know there is no validity to the rumors that are being spread – and that we have no elevated disease concerns at this time.”


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