Tiny Tim rescued, recovering from rope injury

Tiny Tim was found in a field in County Laois, Ireland. Photo: ISPCA
Tiny Tim was found in a field in County Laois, Ireland. Photos: ISPCA

A miniature pony stallion named Tiny Tim by his Irish rescuers is now in care after being found with a blue rope cutting into his neck.

Irish SPCA Inspector Michael Keane responded after a caller expressed concern for the welfare of a pony in County Laois.

Upon arrival, Keane found Tiny Tim with a blue rope wrapped tightly around his neck that was cutting into the skin and causing a wound around the mane area of the neck.

A rope around Tiny Tim's neck had caused a wound.
A rope around Tiny Tim’s neck had caused a wound.

Keane checked Tiny Tim for a microchip but none was detected.

Local inquiries were made but, to date, no owner has been identified.

It is thought that he had been dumped in the area.

Tiny Tim, aged about four, was removed with the help of local police and was taken to the ISPCA’s National Animal Centre for veterinary treatment.

The injury to his neck has responded well to treatment but he also has other health problems, with extremely short legs and problems with his joints.

A period of veterinary evaluation will be required to determine whether Tiny Tim can live a quality life free from pain, the charity said.

“Tiny Tim’s future is not certain,” Keane said, “but at least he is now in the best possible place to ensure that he can get any treatment that may help. His problems are congenital and most likely a result of indiscriminate breeding.”

Tiny Tim's neck wound.
Tiny Tim’s neck wound.

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