Hooves of Welsh horse in “horrendous state” – RSPCA

The mare taken into care in Wales. Photo: Welsh RSPCA
The mare taken into care in Wales. © Welsh RSPCA

A horse found grazing on land near Bridgend, Wales, was struggling to walk on badly overgrown feet, the Welsh RSPCA says.

It is appealing for information about the young mare found on public land at Pantypwllau in Coity, Bridgend, on January 8.

The tri-coloured mare was struggling to walk because all four of her hooves were badly overgrown and split, the RSPCA said.

Inquiries were made with commoners who graze their horses at the site and the local horse warden but the owner has yet to be identified.

The horse has been removed for veterinary care.

“The horses’ hooves were in a horrendous state and she was struggling to walk,” Inspector Nic De Celis said.

“Although she was with some other horses on the common, no-one has claimed ownership or seems to have any idea of where she came from and as she is not microchipped we have no way of tracing an owner.

“Oddly, she was wearing a rug, which suggests that someone does own her or has at least cared for her recently.

“We are keen to hear from anyone who thinks they may know this horse or where she has come from.”

Anyone with information should contact the inspector’s information line on 0300 123 8018, where they can leave a message for Inspector De Celis.


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