Three arrests over “horrific” fatal horse attack

eye-stockTwo men and a boy have been arrested in Surrey, England, after what has been described as a prolonged attack on a defenceless horse.

The horse was euthanised as a result of its injuries.

Surrey Police said the incident occurred just before 3pm, on Monday on Nutfield Marsh.

“This was a horrific incident, where a defenceless animal was subjected to a prolonged attack in a public place during daylight hours,” Constable Alice Bennett said.

“Thankfully, incidents of this nature are rare in this area.

“However, Nutfield is a small, close- knit community and no doubt this offence will have some impact on the residents, but we will do all we can to reassure local people.”

Police were working closely with the RSPCA in a joint investigation into the case.

Two men, in their 30s, and a boy, 15, were arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty.

They have been released on police bail until March 13.


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