Most-read features for 2013


From foaling to founder, and feeding hay to giving bute, Horsetalk’s equine health and management features drew the readers in 2013. Some of our most popular features were originally published seven years ago, but clearly still hit a chord with readers! Here is the top ten on unique reader numbers, with the runners-up below.


Signs of foaling in mares

Giving a full rundown on what to expect when a mare is about to foal, this article was first published in 2006 but continues to draw viewers.





2. arena-feat

Building a riding arena

Also published in 2006, this tells you how to go about having your own arena built. Yes, there are pitfalls, and regional variations!






A horse suffering from laminitis.
Laminitis and founder

Many people are seeking answers to alleviate this debilitating condition. Since this article was first published, in 2005, there have been some advances, but researchers are still working on it.






Horsekeeping on small acreage

Cunning management is the key to keeping horses in a limited area. Here, key strategies are outlined, along with hints and tips to make forage go further.









A mix of horse manure, grass clippings, and old hay well on the way to an excellent finished product. It's light, with plenty of fibre, odour-free, and packed with plant nutrients.

Composting how-to

When you’ve got horses, you’ve got dung, simple as that. Here are some simple techniques that can help you manage your equine’s output and make use of it.






6. Magnesium

Feeding magnesium to horses

This article, from 2007, outlines the uses and types of Magnesium available for horses. Magnesium has a reputation for having a calming influence on equines.




7. Hay shortages are starting to bite in Victoria, Australia.

What the hay?

This extensive article tells you how to suss out hay, and the factors that make up good hay. With the price of the stuff always going up, who wants to waste cash on poor quality hay?



8.Cracked horse hooves never easy to fix

Cracked hooves in horses

It is a fortunate horses – and owner – who has never had a cracked or split hoof. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for this problem.









9.Day one, when the horse was found, January 3, 2011.

The horrors of proud flesh

First published in 2001, this is another perennial favourite – if that is an appropriate word for such an annoying and unsightly condition. This article tells readers how to deal with proud flesh, and there are also many pictures showing the healing process.





Horses and bute

Bute is one of the most common medications used on horses, and this article outlines the safe use of the drug, how it works, and the risks involved.








11. Electric fencing for dummies
12. Tying Up: Rhabdomyolysis in horses
13. What are you feeding your horse? An A-Z guide
14. Proper wound treatment can reduce complications
15. Options for pregnancy testing a mare
16. Caring for old horses
17. Navicular disease or syndrome in horses
18. Feeding barley to horses
19. Rain rot: solving the scald problem
20. Colds and flu in horses

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