December 13 proposed as ‘Day of the Horse’

An eventer during the WEG test event in Normandy in 2013.
An eventer during the WEG test event in Normandy in 2013. © Philippe Millereau / KMSP

December 13 could be come the International Day of the Horse if the FEI and World Equestrian Games sponsor Alltech have their way.

It is hoped that the official designation will be granted by the United Nations this year, which is the Chinese Year of the Horse.

Alltech, which has been providing natural nutritional solutions to the equine world since 1980, is the title sponsor for WEG 2014 in Normandy, France, and also headlined WEG 2010 in Kentucky.

“The greatness associated with crowning eight world championships during the Games embodies the Alltech values of performance and excellence, achievable in humans and animals through natural nutrition,” said Dr Pearse Lyons, Alltech’s founder and president.

“Revered throughout the world for their beauty and majestic power, horses have played an integral role in our cultures since the beginning of time. They’ve been our transportation, our cavalry, our industry and our inspiration.

“So, it’s quite fitting that we set aside a day to specifically honor the horse and the vibrancy it continues to bring today to our global economies and our lives.”


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