TB gene test results for sale ahead of Magic Millions sale

equinomeGenetic test results on 224 thoroughbred horses will be available for purchase ahead of the upcoming week-long Gold Coast Yearling Sale in Australia in January.

The results will be available through a website launched by Equinome, the Irish firm that developed and marketed the thoroughbred speed gene test.

Equinome is also using the sale to launch its predicted height test. The firm announced in July that it had identified a genetic marker in thoroughbreds for height, enabling a prediction to be made of the mature height at the withers within 2.54cm (1 inch) with a 70 percent success rate.

The Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale in Queensland, from January 8-12, will be the first at which the genetic test results will be offered through the website.

In the venture, Equinome has undertaken the tests at no cost to the vendors, with the expectation the company will be able to sell the information to potential buyers ahead of the sales.

In all, there are three tests.

The first, the so-called speed gene test, is said to predict the optimum race distance of a thoroughbred horse through the analysis of the DNA at a particular point in a gene related to muscle development.

The second is the elite performance test, which identifies the genetic potential of a horse to perform at an elite level based on the profile of genes related to sprint, mid-distance and staying ability.

The third test, the projected height test, predicts the mature height at withers for horses.

Equinome is a spin-out company from University College Dublin and has been providing genetic tests to the global bloodstock industry since its launch in 2010.

In 2012, it opened its first overseas sales office in Australia to support the growing demand for its services across Australia and New Zealand.

Equinome managing director Donal Ryan says Australia has been at the forefront of the adoption of Equinome’s technologies in the past four years.

“We were delighted by the response of so many breeders and purchasers when we first proposed this idea earlier this year. We believe that genetic information is an essential component of a balanced selection strategy that considers new and traditional assessment tools.”

The horses at the Magic Millions sales for which genetic information will be available have come from Baramul Stud, Patinack Farm, Cressfield Stud, Lyndhurst Stud, Glenlogan Park, Riverdene Stud, Edinburgh Park Stud, Musk Creek Farm, Murrulla Stud, Rosemont Stud, Riversdale Farm, Kambula Stud, Eureka Stud, Broadwater Thoroughbreds, Robyn Wise Thoroughbreds, Evergreen Stud Farm, Woodside Park Stud, Marquee Stud and Morning Rise Stud.

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