Seven injured after horse bolts in Los Angeles

tweetSeven people were hurt after a horse bolted on Saturday on a crowded trail in Los Angeles, California.

The Burbank Police Department reported via Twitter that the horse got loose from its rider on the trail near the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, injuring four adults and three minors as it fled.

Those hurt were taken to hospital, but their injuries were not believed to be serious.

The incident happened shortly before noon.

The equestrian center has access to a network of trails in Griffith Park.

Later reports indicated that a group of riders had approached the end of a trail when one of the animals was spooked by a noise. It, in turn, spooked other horses in the group, unseating several riders.

One witness told local media it ended up being a stampede of 15-20 horses.

The animals were safely regathered.

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