Desperate Endurance, by Kasey Riley


desperate-enduranceDesperate Endurance is a breath of fresh air in the equestrian fiction genre – not a hunter-jumper or dressage diva in sight.

As the title suggests, the book is based around the sport of endurance riding, specifically, a woman who is travelling the US circuit and witnesses a murder on her travels.

Desperate Endurance, by Kasey Riley
ISBN: 1493754939; ASIN: B00FIE630Y
$US3.99 Kindle, or $11 paperback
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The heroine of the story, Bethany, has to go on the run while fulfilling the wishes of the murdered man. She creates a new persona to help her hide from the murderers.

But the truth will out, and eventually it does, but not before there are dramatic twists and trails to be ridden.

Desperate Endurance is a great read and a real page turner, but definitely not recommended for the younger reader/endurance rider, as the romantic scenes are somewhat graphic.

But it’s interesting to learn about ride camps, ranch life and life in a small town for an outsider.

A great read and excellent storyline nonetheless – we await more from this author.


Kasey Riley, of Poteau, Oklahoma, was born in Sacramento, California, and grew up around the country as she moved with her military family. 
She has been an endurance rider since the early 1990s, but has cut back her competition career over the past couple of years since she has begun to work more on writing. She still enjoys both conditioning and competing on her young Missouri Fox Trotter with the Ozark Country Endurance Riders.
Her experience has given her insight to the sport of endurance riding as well as a wealth of knowledge about both competitors and horses. Her main goal is to provide entertainment while showing the strength of will needed by those who compete in this challenging and rewarding sport.
She says: “It’s amazing what kind of story ideas come to you as you ride out in the woods, away from all other distractions.”  

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  • January 21, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    Well, it sounds like a great read for the horse rider . It gives us a bit of time to get off the horse have some sandwiches and read through this dramatic tale . We will definitely recommend it to our riders on our social networks.


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