My Little Pony empire gallops on


my-little-pony-book-dealBook seller Hachette has signed a deal with toy maker Hasbro to publish a range of children’s books in Britain based in the My Little Pony brand.

The My Little Pony empire already includes a globally successful animated series and product line, and the new book deal is being developed by Orchard Books, a division of Hachette Children’s Books, for the UK & Ireland territories.

The first two books – both sticker/activity books – have already launched, and a gift collection of stories is also in the pipeline. Further titles will follow in 2014, including a series of chapter books.

The My Little Pony brand turned 30 in 2013. The brand was re-launched in 2011 with the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic animated series.

Megan Larkin, Publishing Director of Orchard Books said: “We had noticed the resurgence in popularity of the My Little Pony brand and love the fact that the brand is strongly based on relatable characters and a compelling storyline about friendship. With its 30-year history we know that fans are now buying for their children, and there’s something to appeal to everyone in our new range of books.”

The My Little Pony brand was introduced in 1983 and quickly became a favorite of millions of girls around the world. Hasbro re-introduced the popular brand in 2003 and since then more than 40 million ponies have made their way into little girls’ hands, along with an extensive range of merchandise from toys to video games.

My Little Pony toys are also popular with men, who are known as Bronies. In a survey – or herd census – of Bronies earlier in the year, Twilight Sparkle was revealed as the most popular MLP character.

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  • December 30, 2013 at 6:34 am

    anyone on equestria daily would know that princess luna is the most popular mlp character…………


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