Rally calls for ‘Blueprint for Change’ for New York’s animals

nyc-rallyA rally on Saturday focusing on making New York a safer city for animals will culminate in the presentation of a “Blueprint for Change for Animals” document to mayor-elect Bill deBlasio.

Representing the Animals Matter NYC Coalition, the blueprint will be presented by NY Senator Tony Avella, Animal Advocates and Singer Nellie Mckay at City Hall.

DeBlasio has pledged to transform New York into a humane city for animals, bringing about much needed policy changes for many animals.

The horse-drawn carriage issue became a hot topic during the Mayoral campaign, with deBlasio pledging to ban the business once he became Mayor and expressing strong support for other animal rights issues.

New York State Senator Tony Avella, Coalition to Ban-Horse Drawn Carriages, Friends of Animals, In Defense of Animals, League of Humane Voters, Save Our Shelter Animals and singer Nellie McKay will present their plan for the next steps they feel New York City and the deBlasio administration should take on critical animal rights issues concerning carriage horses, dogs and cats, geese and urban wildlife in parks, wild circus animals and enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

The NYC animal advocacy community has high hopes for Mayor-Elect Bill deBlasio, and its agenda will be laid out at the rally and a press conference, on Saturday from 11am to non on the front steps of City Hall.


One thought on “Rally calls for ‘Blueprint for Change’ for New York’s animals

  • December 9, 2013 at 2:24 am

    I am aghast that people who live in the city and not with animals in a natural environment; refuse to visit areas public animals are housed are allowed to make such changes. You have no right to dictate this and ruin the lives of loved animals. None of this is for the benefit of any animal. This is nothing more than dictatorship at its very worse by people who don’t have any idea what is good for an animal.


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