Tough horse shows why he’s nicknamed the Trojanator

Trojan before his second trip to Britain's Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment. Photo: The Horse Trust
Trojan before his second trip to Britain’s Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment. © The Horse Trust

Steely former British police horse Trojan has shown he is worthy of his tough-guy nicknames, Mr T and the Trojanator, after coming through emergency operations with flying colours.

Trojan is back with The Horse Trust following his second operation at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) arising from teeth difficulties.

The charity says nothing seems to faze him.

Trojan stands in the new stocks at The Horse Trust to see the vet after his surgery. Photo: The Horse Trust
Trojan stands in the new stocks at The Horse Trust to see the vet after his surgery. © The Horse Trust

Trojan was first admitted to the RVC in September, where he was treated for tooth spurs, cracked teeth and a severe sinus infection.

He had been continuing to eat as normal before he was admitted, not losing even a kilogram in weight.

His attitude and bravery led to the revival of his police nicknames, Mr T and The Trojanator.

Vets at the RVC did as much work with Trojan as they safely could, before he returned to the trust with a course of antibiotics to clear up the remaining infection.

Vets had warned that there was a chance Trojan would require further surgery.

Unfortunately, the prescribed course of antibiotics did not manage to completely clear up the infection in his sinus and Trojan returned to the RVC to do battle with his teeth once more.

Trojan needed additional surgery to remove a last cracked tooth on his left side, and a sinoscupy to drain his left sinus.

The charity said Trojan’s surgery was long, but essential, and he took everything in his stride, as he always did.

A few days later, vets operated on Trojan again to remove some tooth fragments on the right side of his mouth.
Although there was no infection here, the removal of these fragments was vital to prevent the risk of future infection.

Trojan has now arrived safely back at The Horse Trust, where he has been seen by the vet, who is delighted with his progress so far.

Trojan now has one final battle to beat the last remnants of his sinus infection.

He won’t re-join the rest of his herd just yet, so that his wounds have time to heal and are kept clean.

For now, Trojan is going in the trust’s new horse walker every day to help keep him fit, keep his sinuses clear and keep him out of trouble.

Trojan retired to The Horse Trust in January 2013 following the closure of the Essex Police Mounted Section.

Aged only 14, the trust hopes Trojan will use his fighting spirit to overcome everything and go on to live a long and happy life.

Trojan’s vet bills have now reached almost £5000.

To make a donation for Trojan, visit the trust’s website or contact the charity on 01494 488464.


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