England’s lawmakers urged to tackle fly grazing


The British charity Redwings is calling on lawmakers in England to clamp down on fly grazing, following the lead of the Welsh Assembly.

The charity said fly grazing – the British term for leaving horses to graze on private land without permission – was a major issue in what it called the equine crisis situation in the UK.

The charity said it was already operating at capacity, with more than 200 horses having come into its care this year already.

“Fly grazing and abandonment are two of the major issues contributing to this crisis,” it said.

“We recently welcomed plans by the Welsh Government to introduce legislation to tackle fly grazing of horses and ponies in Wales and are urgently asking the UK Government to follow suit in England to help stem the tide of unwanted horses across the country.”

The plans by the Welsh Government were announced in July and are now being fast-tracked through the legislative process.

The charity said the British Government had no such plans in England at a time when thousands of horses were at risk of suffering and death, and landowners and local authorities were struggling to cope with the problem.

Redwings said MPs would be debating the issue in Westminster Hall on November 26 and it asked its supporters to urge their respective MPs to attend.

It provided a link for doing so


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