Dashboard cam captures horse-drawn cart’s car smash


Don’t take your corners too fast – and that includes when you’re driving a horse and cart.

A dashboard-mounted camera has captured the moment of impact between a four-wheeled cart, pulled by a single horse, and a car at an intersection in Belarus.

There is little detail accompanying the footage, which was uploaded on Saturday by Eugene Vedgun. It had been viewed more than 214,000 times at the time of writing.

The scene moments before the collision. Photo: YouTube
The scene moments before the collision. Photo: YouTube

The incident happened shortly before midday on November 2 at an intersection in Zhlobin, according to the date-stamp on the dashboard camera.

The video, entitled “The hard crash in Zhlobin”, shows a car approaching an intersection and stopping at traffic lights.

The car is sitting waiting to proceed, when a wagon enters the intersection at speed from the left and takes a sharp right turn.

The horse was agile enough to get itself around sharply to pass the side of the car, but the wagon struck the front of the vehicle, riding up on the bonnet.

A glimpse of footage appeared to indicate the two occupants of the wagon were thrown from the cart by the sudden stop.

There is no information on the condition of the horse, or any of the other parties to the accident.


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