Courtney King-Dye expecting baby next year

Courtney King-Dye
Courtney King-Dye

Courtney King-Dye and her husband Jason Dye have announced that they are expecting a baby girl in late February.

King-Dye had ridden for the US at the Olympic Games in 2008, before suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury following a fall from a horse in March,  2010. She spent four weeks in a coma and three months in in-patient rehabilitation re-learning how to walk and talk. She was the catalyst and is an avid supporter of riders4helmets.

A year ago she received the FEI “Against All Odds” award at the FEI’s General Assembly in Istanbul for her work promoting the importance of wearing a helmets. She was not wearing a helmet at the time of her accident.

Of the pending birth, King-Dye said: “When Jason and I were trying, anxiety tainted my desire. I feared feeling like an incomplete mother: I’m not going to be able to dress the baby, do its hair. change its diapers, hold it, ever even be alone with it. What made me try is simply the realization that regret at not having a child would cause more sadness than would be created by my inability to be able to be completely involved.

“But as soon as I knew I was pregnant, all anxiety disappeared. It’s done, I’m pregnant, we’ll make it work because there’s no choice! Pure happiness is my only companion,” King-Dye said.

The couple had no idea of the sex of the child, so had a “gender party”.

“We had my doctor write the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope. Then we gave the envelope to a friend of mine and had her call a baker in the Adirondacks who made a cake with white icing. When we cut it the filling would either be pink or blue indicating the sex, so we’d all find out together … I’m having a little girl!”

King-Dye said she was feeling “Fantastic”, and “wouldn’t even know I was pregnant if it weren’t for my rapidly expanding girth!”

King-Dye, who is based in Florida and New York, has returned to para-equestrian competition and writes many articles for magazines. She has a mentorship program on Barnby Notes, which offers journaling. She regularly donates her services in Lendon Gray’s Youth Dressage Festival, and recently joined with Robert Dover and Lendon to create The Emerging Dressage Athletes Program.



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