Man found guilty over “appalling” conditions at stud in Wales

prosecution-mainA man from Gwynedd, in North wales, was found guilty on Friday of multiple animal welfare offences.

Evan Lloyd Evans, 68, of Pencarth Uchaf Farm, Chwilog, Pwllheli, was charged with causing unnecessary suffering and failing to meet the welfare needs of 51 horses at his property.

The Caernarfon Magistrates Court heard that RSPCA officers visited Evans’ address on June 27 last year and examined his animals.

IMGP0010-300x225As a result, nine horses were euthanised by a veterinary surgeon due to untreatable hoof conditions and to prevent further suffering.

A further 50 were removed because they were suffering from inappropriate hoof care and living in an unsuitable environment.

RSPCA Inspector Mark Roberts said: “The conditions we found at Criccieth Stud were appalling and completely inappropriate for the ponies kept there.

“Many of them had acute problems with their feet and other serious health issues.

“We had been alerted to the fact there were many ponies in unsuitable conditions but did not expect to have to remove 50 of them on veterinary advice.

“In addition, the vets also advised that nine had to be put to sleep as sadly their condition was so extreme there was no other way to alleviate their suffering.”

Roberts said it was an extremely bad situation made worse by the fact that many of the ponies were virtually unhandled, making any necessary treatment difficult to carry out.

prosecution2“The case highlights how over breeding and overstocking can spiral out of control with animals ending up as disposable commodities with no regard for their welfare needs.

“I am pleased at today’s verdict, and sincerely hope these ponies can go on to live happy lives in new, caring homes.”

Evan Lloyd Evans will be sentenced on November 19 at Caernarfon Magistrates Court.


2 thoughts on “Man found guilty over “appalling” conditions at stud in Wales

  • October 27, 2013 at 11:56 am

    sadly this was reported by a number of people over a year before they RSPCA actually visited so it should have been dealt with a lot sooner but at least finally he is being held accountable, lets just hope he gets what he actually deserves, and I would very much like to hear the WPCS have to say as they were also made aware!

    • October 28, 2013 at 10:01 am

      We had a similar situation years ago in Cornwall and the RSPCA did sod all !!! because the ponies had water. The ILPH said the breeder was retiring and was too big a problem to be dealt with over 200 ponies were removed and dead ones found in the woods. I could not sleep for weeks after visiting the stud to ‘buy ‘ a quality pony !!!!!!!


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