Wedding bells for Eric Lamaze

Eric Lamaze is taking a break from competition for the remainder of the year.
Eric Lamaze

Canadian Olympic champion showjumper Eric Lamaze  is getting married.

Lamaze, 45, surprised long-time girlfriend Alexis Stein by finally popping the question when he got down on bended knee and proposed on Sunday, October 20, in Wellington, Florida. The couple’s beloved Pomeranian dog, Gigi, was witness.  Alexis, a 24-year-old musician and equestrian from New York City, said “yes!”

“She’s meant something to me for a long time, but it took a while for me to realize what I really had,” Lamaze said.  “I’ve known Alexis for many years, and it was time to act on my feelings.”

He made the decision to propose following a long discussion with his great friend and owner, Carlene Ziegler of Artisan Farms, who encouraged him to follow his heart.

While wedding plans are still in the works, Lamaze is very much looking forward to the future, saying, “I will support her in anything that she does, just as she will support me in everything that I do.  She is truly an incredible person.”


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