Latest British tests on beef products reveal no horse DNA


packagedmeatThe second quarterly round of tests on British beef products, which delivered 9688 new results, found no traces of horse DNA above the 1 per cent threshold, Britain’s Food Standards Agency reported.

The agency said 7402 of the test results were submitted by ABP Food Group.

The figures include all test results submitted since the compilation of the first quarterly report, published in mid-June.

The quarterly testing was one of the measures implemented in Britain following the horse-meat contamination scandal earlier this year, which spread across much of Europe.

Contamination of processed beef products with horse-meat resulted in the recall of tens of millions of ready-to-eat meat products across the continent.

The scandal highlighted the complexities of the food chain and its vulnerability to rogue traders.

The Food Standards Agency’s chief executive, Catherine Brown, said: “We have continued to work with industry and local authorities since the previous set of results were published, and there has been ongoing co-operation from the food industry.”

The agency said a total of 32,404 beef results tested for horse-meat DNA have been submitted by the industry to the agency since February 15. Of these, 47 were positive.


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