Flood-hit Colorado horses get $5000 for hay

Socks, shown in a still from the above Sky video, is safe and sound after his ordeal.
Socks, a horse caught in flooding in Colorado, was later rescued and is safe and sound.

A $5000 grant will buy 22 tons of hay for horse owning families impacted by recent storms and flooding in Colorado.

The grant from The Humane Society of the United States to Colorado Horsecare Foodbank in Evergreen, Colorado, a non-profit dedicated to keeping horses with their owners throughout Colorado.

“The magnitude of the damage caused by the floods is far worse than the fires the state has suffered and on top of all the losses, we are bracing for a very cold winter,” said Juliana Lehman, founder of Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.

“Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is extremely grateful to receive this $5000 grant from The Humane Society of the United States. This grant will play a significant role in helping the horses and families whose homes and properties were destroyed and damaged.”

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is one of many equine organizations helping those affected by the historic flooding across Colorado’s Front Range. The group has helped more than 300 families keep their horses by providing food and veterinary care in times of need.

Jacquelyn Pyun, Colorado state director for The HSUS said: “It’s important to us that we support Colorado’s equine community as we all recover from the storm’s devastation. By working together, we can make sure these horses and their owners have what they need to start rebuilding their lives.”

A good disaster plan is vital to staying safe, and horses require extra consideration because of their size and specific transportation needs. Since there isn’t much time to think or act during an emergency, The HSUS recommends taking time  to create an effective emergency plan, including a first aid kit, water, hay, feed and medications for several days.


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